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Vision & Objectives

At Tor Can Waste Reduction Management, our role is to influence social change in the communities we serve. We achieve this objective by establishing waste reduction practices that will minimize the overall impact of a community\'s collective waste practices on their region\'s environment.

In our communities there is an ever-increasing need to elevate our waste diversion efforts by viewing our streams of waste as recoverable resources. Tor Can envisions the day when most of the waste stream materials produced are reused, recycled and manufactured into new products.

It is our objective to influence the mindset of the communities and industries we serve through the following measures:

  • Sustainability - To achieve waste reduction, reused and recycling outcomes which are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable
  • Commitment - To achieve the commitment and participation of all stakeholders in waste reduction, reused and recycling practices and processes
  • Prevention - to prevent the unnecessary regeneration of waste materials sent to landfills
  • Resource recovery - to maximize the recovery and recycling of resources from all waste streams
  • Integration - to establish a structure that coordinates and simplifies waste reduction, reuse and recycling, the recovery of resources, and the safe management of remaining wastes.

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Front End Services
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