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Josie Pink Truck

Josie’s Pink Truck


As Josie’s younger brother and sister, our childhood was inundated with Josie’s favourite colour: pink. When many think of pink, they think of happiness, passion, and joy; that is exactly what comes to mind when we think of our sister, Josie.

Josie Gurreri was diagnosed with colon cancer at the young age of 16, during her grade 10 year of high school.

She immediately started treatment at Mount Sinai Hospital, the place that would become very familiar for the next 5 years of her life as she fought a  long and treacherous battle with cancer.Her journey consisted of many surgeries that removed her large intestine, most of her small intestine, her appendix, and her ovaries.

Over the course of those five years, Josie went through 48 rounds of chemotherapy, went into remission, and had the cancer return twice. This means in the last five years, she spent roughly 227 days of her life undergoing chemo, 84 days recovering from surgeries, and over 300 days and nights spent at Mount Sinai.

Although she lost her fight to cancer in November of 2015 at the age of 21, it was through the help of Mount Sinai Hospital that she was comfortable throughout the entire process. Mount Sinai is only able to provide extraordinary care to their patients through the donations they receive. In loving memory of Josie, we, at Tor Can Waste Management, have created a truck to commemorate Josie’s legacy. In honour of her favourite color, we decided it was only right to paint the truck pink and name it “Josie’s Pink Truck.”By driving this truck, we hope to have as many people as possible see Josie’s truck in action and want to learn more about the Mount Sinai foundation in her honour. To date, the Josie Gurreri Memorial Fund at Mount Sinai Hospital has enabled us to carry out Josie’s dream of providing the nurses, who became a second family on the Surgical Oncology / Inflammatory Bowel Disease floor (14th floor), with a new Nurses Lounge and new sweaters for their uniform. Josie was a charismatic individual, and touched the lives of many during her short lived, but vivacious life. We hope to continue to live out Josie’s legacy and support Mount Sinai Foundation as they supported our sister and made a hospital room feel like a second home.

Adriana & Alfonso Gurreri

Josie’s Pink Truck Visits Mount Sinai

On Monday May 1st, 2017, we drove our pink truck to Mount Sinai Hospital, in order for all our friends, nurses and Doctors at the Hospital and everyone at the foundation come out and see the pink truck.  Although it was raining the pink truck still stood out and everyone passing by commented on how lovely the truck was.  The pictures below were from this day, as well as the video, please click the link to view it.

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A Tribute to Giuseppina Gurreri
(Daughter of Antonella and Liborio Gurreri) Lost her 5 year battle with Cancer at the age of 21 year on Nov 9, 2015)

A Tribute to Ross Gurreri

(Younger Brother of Liborio Gurreri founder of Tor Can Waste Management)

A ten-year overnight success this entrepreneurial story has not come without its heartaches.  In 2007 Ross Gurreri, brother to Tor Can founder Liborio Gurreri, lost his hard-fought battle to cancer. Ross was a great person, family man and a gentle spirit always kind and good-hearted. Although he is missed by all, Ross will  be in our thoughts and hearts always. The Gurreri family has since then been a strong supporter of many charitable associations in memory of Ross a son, brother, uncle and friend too many. Tor Can donates a percentage of all company profits to several cancer fundraising efforts through the GTA with a particular emphasis placed on the foundation for the Hospital of Sick Kids, which was the favorite charity of the late Ross Gurreri.

The Gurreri family is proud to culminate each year with an annual gala dinner and dance held in honor of Friends for The Hospital of Sick Kids. Since its inception, the annual event has successfully raised thousands of dollars for cancer research and family services. Tor Can is always looking for local businesses and residents to get involved with charitable work and the ideal that no effort is too small to make a difference.

“You are deeply missed and in our memories always”

Ross Gurreri Tribute

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