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Recycling & Organic Services

Compliance success through....Convenience, Simplicity & Repetition!

Tor Can Waste Reduction Management offers a variety of services specializing in waste reduction initiatives. With an ever-increasing focus on all things green, companies are being asked to view their activities mindful not only for their bottom line but the preservation of the communities we inhabit. We not only handle all categories of waste stream management, but are working tirlessly toward a circular waste environment viewing each stream of waste as a renewable resource.

Tor Can provides a recycling service that uses 95-gallon totes. The tote service provides a means to sort and handle plastic, bottles, paper and cans. Each waste stream is clearly marked for ease of recognition. These totes are placed in common-area locations throughout the desired facility, taking advantage of tenant and employee traffic flow. All recycling is disposed of through processing facilities, licensed and governed by the Ministry of the Environment, ensuring strict compliance. Clearly all successful recycling programs revolve around vigilance and repetition. The public at large has a strong desire to do their part; however, convenience and simplicity remains the key while repetition of one\'s message fuels the program\'s success.

Tor Can provides a comprehensive organic recycling service that utilizes 65-and-34 gallon totes. The tote service provides a means to manage your organic waste and is usually centrally located and clearly marked. The totes are often serviced by a feeder system with a smaller transportable tote, allowing tenants and employees ease of  redistribution. Todays tote manufactures use filter lids and airtight locking systems, eliminating many of the prevalent concerns of earlier designs. All organic recycling is disposed of through Ministry of the Environment-approved facilities and has been the single greatest eliminator of waste from landfill, diverting some 30 percent since 2005.


Recycling & Organics - Measurable Benefits:                                  

  • Reduces your trash
  • Saves natural resources
  • Reduces your disposal costs
  • Extends the life of our landfills
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces pollution

Range of Tote Services
Tor Can uses totes that offer a range of  sizes and colors, providing ease of identification for regulated waste streams collection. These include computer equipment, batteries and florescent lights to name a few. Our goal is to represent as many product categories as can be used and return its contents back to a circular manufacturing stream. Tor Can envisions the day when most waste material collected can either be reused, recycled or manufactured into new products, allowing our economy to be drawn ever closer to a zero-to-landfill reality.


Office Paper Services

Tor Can offers a paper recycling service for the property management industry, addressing their commercial and high-rise business portfolio. Paper represents the single greatest diversion from landfill of all the waste stream categories and could easily be a zero-to-landfill candidate. Often, office paper will be disposed of within the mixed waste distribution system dictated in an organization. A vigilant office education work plan is required, using centrally accessible paper totes along with individual collection boxes for ease of movement. Once collected,Tor Can redirects the paper collected to a Ministry of the Environment-approved paper recycling facility to be renewed into a more usable format.                                                                       

Zero waste-to-landfill is not a marketing catch phrase!  It is an achievable goal and listed below are few simple actions and rules you and your family can implement throughout the course of your day.

Re-Seal It

Re-sealable boxes are great for packed lunches and food storage. Plastic takeaway food containers, ice cream tubs, biscuit boxes and jam jars are ideal food containers.

Clear it out
Donate good quality clothing, books and unwanted gifts to charity shops.

Recharge it
Rechargeable batteries are the way to go. Not only are they cheaper than disposables and cost just a penny to charge, they create less waste since they can be used over and over again.
Keep it real
Instead of using disposable plates and cutlery for your parties; add a touch of sophistication with real crockery and cutlery. 

A Tor Can adviser can structure a waste reduction work plan that addresses your company\'s specific needs while addressing any budgetary guidelines your organization may wish to adhere to.

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