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Environmental Stewardship




Corporate Environmental Policy


At Tor Can our Corporate Environmental Policy (CEP) objective is designed to influence the communities we serve by minimizing the impact their collective waste habits place on the environment as a whole, and in particular the regions they live in. There is a need in our society to optimize our waste diversion goals by viewing our waste stream collections as a recoverable resource. We envision the day when most of the waste materials collected are reused, recycled and re-manufactured into new products, revolutionizing our current economic model to one with more of a circular-based orientation.


Tor Can is committed to the following:


  • Compliance with all relevant Ministry of the Environment legislation, regulations and client audit requirements.
  • The continued promotion of waste reduction and waste diversion work plans achieved through audit reviews and site education programs.The continued refinement of our collection process, carrying out additional waste stream eligible items and redirecting its resources to processing facilities that will in turn revert their components to a more usable form.
  • Our Corporate Environmental Policy requires a continual commitment to planning, implementation and the enhancement of both our internally and externally action. It is our belief that the collective benefits of our policy and practices draw our organization ever closer to the achievement of our environmental mandate.


Environmental Programs and Practices


Tor Can Waste Management Environmental Programs and Practices have added value to our organization by minimizing the impact waste collection practice places on the communities we serve.


  1. Waste Reduction and Recycling - Using exclusively Ministry of the Environment approved facilities, we ensure our waste collection streams achieve the highest ratio of diversion from landfill as is possible under our current reduce, reuse and recycling economic model.
  2. Collection Stream Expansion - Tor Can is widening the scope of its waste collection stream each year by the number of products that can be reused, recycled and diverted to manufacturing or extraction facilities whose purpose is to use as much of the waste material as can be realized.
  3. Waste Audits(Waste Reduction / Waste Diversion Work Plans) - Our team of in-house waste audit specialist are available to properly assess clients\' current collection practices and institute a collection system that is government-compliant to the specific requirements to their complex.
  4. Scrap Metal and Waste Container Refurbishing - Most Tor Can waste containers are refurbished from aftermarket units and brought back to a reusable form by our welding department. These containers are ultimately redistributed to new or existing clients, insuring our containers will be kept out of landfills and fulfill our organization\'s efforts to move closure toward a circular-focused economy.


Contact Information

For further clarity and insight about Tor Can Waste Reduction Management Inc.\'s Corporate Environmental Policy, please address all inquires to info@torcanwaste.com


Environmental Management System (EMS)

The Tor Can Environmental Management System is an essential tool in the accurate measurement of our organization\'s accountability about all matters concerning the environment. Under our system, every organizational layer requires their decision-making process to be weighted equally for all environmental concerns as they would with safety and bottom-line issues. This process acknowledges that our organization views concern for our environment as inseparable from any position our company institutes at any level.


The System\'s Dynamics

Under our model, each division is awarded separate performance and environmental responsibilities relevant to the specifics of their individual departments. Each department leader is encouraged to keep his/her team members on target for their individual assignments while offering any enhancements they view as relevant. This process resonates throughout our organization culminating every quarter with an operational review focused on measurable results and repositioning guidelines on all matters of the environment and targeted goals.


Contact Information

For further clarity and insight about Tor Can Waste Reduction Management Inc. corporate environmental policy, please address all inquiries to info@torcanwaste.com



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