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Broom Swept Service


Broom-Swept Service Guarantee

Tor Can Waste Reduction Management is proud to provide a service feature different from any other waste service provider. Our drivers have committed not only to meet, but exceed standard driver in-and out-cab movement, which in today\'s waste industry, is mired in union bureaucracy. Tor Can drivers will, once their lift is completed, ensure all remaining debris around the common area container is placed in the empty bin and left as though broom-swept after each lift. This dedication to service has provided a customer satisfaction rating unparalleled in the property management industry.

Tor Can ensures the integrity of our Broom-Swept Service as follows:

Our drivers will photograph their lifts before each overflow occurrence.

Our drivers will then execute their prescribed lift.

Once the lift is complete, our driver will exit their truck and retrieve all remaining debris around the garbage area or may have fallen as a result of the execution of their lift.

Drivers will place any full garbage bags that could not fit in the original lift in the emptied container, unless otherwise instructed by the client.

Once the cleanup is complete, the driver will photograph the garbage area as confirmation of their duties.

The integrity of the Broom-Swept Service is of paramount concern to Tor Can. We insure its compliance additionally by establishing weekly inspections along with random on-site visits by members of our business development and operations department.

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